Serpentine Invocation of Babalon, Female

Arise within me, O Goddess of Lust,
Make me wet with unconquerable desire!
Insatiable I become, unquenchable, frenzied
In my lusty worship of You.

Move within my Waters, deep with undulations!
To me, Babalon, to me!
Arise within my Fires, O coiled serpent dancing!
To me, Babalon, to me!

All that I receive, in sensual and carnal worship
is for you.
Every thrust and kiss and shudder and moan
is for you.

Come with me and my lovers, O Babalon,
and partake of the sense and rapture
of life lived exceedingly well.

There are no limits to my desires,
there are no boundaries to my ecstasy,
for the sounds of our love is the chanting of the faithful,
in your worship.

Copyright 2016 Thelemic Productions
All rights reserved

Image: Detail from Lilith, Collie



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